Roots Eclectic
  • Roots Eclectic
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Roots Eclectic is a collection of songs produced in a roots style using acoustic instruments with a timeless sense of connection to the city and the countryside.

1. Baby don't You Cry                       2. Picture of Jamaica
3. Say Goodbye                                 4. Think of Me 
5. Magic in the Moonlight                 6. Weary Side of Life
7. You Are the One                            8. Whiskey and Hard Ground
9. Say It Isn't So                                10. Waiting At thr Station 

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Carolyn Harley
  • Carolyn Harley
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10 songs that give a taste of the mix of styles of Carolyn's songwriting.  Recorded at various studios in Calgary you will enjoy the range of styles that showcase Carolyn's voice. 

1. The Full Moon Drives Me Crazy      2. You Took the Magic From The Moonlight
3. Blue Moon in A Purple Sky            4.  A Summer's Night                 
5. There's A Rumour going Round     6. Waltzing With A Memory      
7.  Grandpa's Magic Fiddle                8.  I've Got A Feeling                   
9.  Here's Comes Morning                10.  Wealth of time

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The Famous Five - Their Story Told in Song
  • The Famous Five - Their Story Told in Song
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The 'Persons Case' is a major historical event. On October 18, 1929 women were declared 'persons in the eyes of the law'.

This multi-use CD celebrates this historical event. Legal status for women was won for women of Canada and also women of all Commonwealth countries of the world!! The songs on this CD can be used at special events with the vocal included or the instrumental tracks can be used to accompany solo artists or choirs! Excellent as a teaching aid for schools or Girl Guides. Excellent for sale in museums and historical site gift shops. Excellent as a gift!!

  1. The Spirit of The Famous Five
  2. The Ballad of the Famous Five (English)
  3. Ballad Des Cinq Femmes Celebres (French)
  4. The Spirit of The Famous Five (instrumental)
  5. The Ballad of the Famous Five (instrumental)
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  • Carolyn has just finished her second CD called Roots Eclectic which is getting an enthusiastic response.   These ten songs     are produced in the acoustic roots style with stories and characters from the city and the country. 
  • The producer for Roots Eclectic is Tim Williams, internationally acclaimed producer and performer.  Musicians include Tim       Williams on slide guitar, dobro and banjo; Thom Moon on drums; Kit Johnson on upright bass; ( 2011 CCMA instrumentalist       winner) Denis Defrene on mandolin and violin; and the mother-daughter harmonies of Eva and Suzanne Levesque from The       Travelling Mabels.

CAROLYN HARLEY (self titled debut album)
  • Carolyn's debut album was released in the summer of 2008.  These 10 songs were recorded in four different Calgary studios     and showcase many talented Calgary musicians as well as Carolyn's songwriting and her voice.

  • This three tract CD tells the story through song of five Canadian women who fought the legal system in the 1920's and finally      won "The Person's Case' which declared women to be "persons in the eyes of the law".  The song is in English, French and includes an instrumental.  (Sheet Music and lyrics will be made available on-line).

FOOTPRINTS:  The Song and Meditation
  • This three tract CD features the beautiful voice of Johanna Sillampa singing Carolyn's song inspired by the well loved story of Footprints in the Sand.  The second tract is an instrumental and the final tract is an extended meditation built on the melody. 
ONE DAY AT A TIME:  The Power of Small Steps
  • This 10 song CD explores the power of small steps and a sense of a higher power to reclaim your life from adversity.  Performed in a simple guitar and vocal style the songs are funny and uplifting.