HARLEY & HARLEY is a husband and wife duo who share their experiences in marriage, retirement, travel, aging, grandchildren and following dreams.  Carolyn & Joe consider themselves 'LATE BLOOMERS' and share an evening of light hearted banter and original songs which entertain, amuse and encourage.


Music Producer, Engineer, Co-Host of Your Grace Land Radio
"Harley & Harley are like a cold beer on a hot summer day ... truly refreshing!"  
This husband and wife acoustic duo are delightfully entertaining with their not-so-easily defined 'folky, bluesy, blue-grassy, countryish singer-songwriterish' repertoire!   Harley & Harley bring to the stage Carolyn's magnificent original songs  portrayed in a genuine, touch-your-heart performance (she is a songwriting machine!).  Their material ranges from great story telling to inspirational toe-tappers!"

Christopher Barran
Harley & Harley
"You did a superb job... great singing, writing and connection with the audience, who all loved it! You ROCK!!"  


Take an exceptional songwriter who can write in a wide variety of styles: add in a beautiful voice that causes people to say “I could listen to you sing all night!!”  and finally add in a sense of humour and engaging stage presence with solid guitar work and you end up with a recipe for an engaging, thoughtful and uplifting evening of original music.  Carolyn Harleyis a dynamic performer who loves being on stage and interacting with her audience.  She believes in writing songs that matter and songs that connect.   Whether she is on stage with her full band; with her trio; as part of a duo; or as a solo artist her objective is always to connect with the people who came to hear her music.  Carolyn has spent a career of study and effort to create a body of work that is well crafted, varied, entertaining and thought provoking.  Her songs have been recorded by a wide variety of artists including Cajun, bluegrass, roots and classic country artists.  Through the years of writing Carolyn has crafted her songs and her voice to fit different song styles and moods.  As a result Carolyn has developed a versatile voice that is strong in the lower register when she is singing her blues, rock-a-billy or swing tunes.   Other songs require a true higher range to fit her folk, jazz, bluegrass or pop songs.
Carolyn’s voice has often been likened to Patsy Cline but also to Alison Krauss and Bonnie Raitt depending on the style of song.  This makes for an interesting evening that constantly draws the audience back to full attention.   Using a catalogue of over 500 original songs Carolyn creates her set lists with a wide variety of up-tempo songs interspersed with ballads and poignant story songs.   Whether performing for a dance; a festival; a concert or for a house concert Carolyn is always looking to give the audience variety, humour, and insight into life.  Invariably during the course of the evening there will be laughter, tears, heads nodding in agreement and toes tapping in time.   People go home with a bounce in their step and a sense of renewed energy.


Joe took the long road to the band.  His first exposure to music came in the 1960's college group called "The Dangling Conversation Piece" as their lead singer.  He then left music and spent the next 40 years raising a family, chasing careers and carrying gear for his musical family.  
To celebrate the onset of his second half-century, on a whim, Joe joined a Jazz singing class and re-ignited his love of music and performing.
Next step was to learn the drum kit.  Joe was then encouraged by his son Tim to try the bass guitar that was left behind when Tim headed off to tour the world as a bass player.
Now, normally the son learns from the father, but this was just the  reverse.  Tim instilled in dad, Joe a love the "fat sound".
Joe then joined Weekend Warriors and worked with other musicians, including his son Sean, to learn to be part of a band.   He also joined a 'garage band' and continued to improve his  bass skills.
When asked by his  wife if he would be willing to learn some original tunes and be part of her first ever trio he said yes and they have been performing together ever since. 
Joe encourages everyone, that age is not a barrier when it comes to music.  It's really cool to be excited about music at this "advanced age".