Carolyn, I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful musical interlude. 
                 Your songs brought back memories as well as made me see some things in a different light. 
                 So you opened my eyes, so to speak. 
                And isn't that what we hope for when we put our souls into songs... that someone GETS it?   LOL  Dianne

International Award Winning Performer/Producer/Songwriter
"The first time I heard Carolyn Harley some years ago I was struck with the strength of her songwriting, a feeling which has only grown stronger with the passing of time and the maturing of her skills."
"She has a voice which lends itself to roots material, able to handle country-tinged songs and contemporary folk styles with equal ease and conviction."

Bass Player/producer/songwriter
"Carolyn Harley first came to my attention when I was working with French-Canadian singer Crystal Plamondon.  Carolyn had written Ca Va Brasser which ended up being Crystal's 'featured' song at Festival de Voyageur.  It was also Crystal's first single release off of her CD."
"I have recently heard a lot more of Carolyn's material and was very pleasantly surprised by the mature, evocative lyrics and catchy melodies of her songs.  I look forward to hearing a collection of these songs and am sure it will be received very well".

Rocky Mountain recording Studio

Producer/ musician/songwriter
"I was recently reconnected with Carolyn when I worked as engineer on her song demo project.  I was very, very impressed with the quality of her songwriting."

                           "I feel sure that some of the songs are destined to become classics."

Professional Singer/Songwriter

                          "Carolyn Harley is a songwriter's songwriter."

"Straight from the heart with stories,  moving melodies and strong images creating pictures.  There is a true sweetness to her songs.  Her soul shines through when she sings as well"
"There is a texture to her voice that moves the listener and other musicians well when she sings her songs.  I am very much looking forward to hearing her recording project." 


Loree Harris MacDonald

Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to drop a line to introduce myself. I attended the Songsmith session briefly.   I'm sorry there wasn't an opportunity to go up and introduce myself in person, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your song and your beautiful voice. You have such a classic style that just feels good to listen to. Thank you again for sharing your gifts.


Hi Joe and Carolyn:  Thanks again for finding the time to join us on Saturday.   A very special thanks to Carolyn for treating everyone to your amazing talent.  You have a beautiful voice and the song was just so appropriate for the occasion.  Everyone thought it was the nicest gift of all and such a wonderful way to celebrate  those 50 years.  Most, including myself  and Betty didn’t realize that not only did you sing the song, you wrote it and the lyrics touched everyone.  Thanks  so  much. 

Nightingale Productions
Carolyn Harley Solo

                            "Carolyn Harley is, quite simply, a treasure." 
"The package is complete.  A unique sparkling voice and an expressive engaging stage style complement her personal songs to which everyone can relate.  Carolyn paints tunes with water-colour emotions and memories; weaves silver and gold threads of wisdom, experience, wit and humour."

Music Producer, Engineer, Co-Host of Your Grace Land Radio
"Harley & Harley are like a cold beer on a hot summer day ... truly refreshing!"  
This husband and wife acoustic duo are delightfully entertaining with their not-so-easily defined 'folky, bluesy, blue-grassy, countryish singer-songwriterish' repertoire!  Often accompanied by their multi-talented third wheel Robb Mann on guitar, mandolin, and vocals  Harley & Harley bring to the stage Carolyn's magnificent original songs  portrayed in a genuine, touch-your-heart performance (she is a songwriting machine!).  Their material ranges from great story telling to inspirational toe-tappers!"

Jo Laird
Past Chair of the Stampede Window on the West (WOW) Stage 
Copper Junction  - At The Water Valley Celtic Festival
"I just love listening to you sing and all of you play! You just make me smile.
Those songs were really great!

Chris and Lance Anderson
House Concert Hosts
Carolyn Harley & the Davidsons
"I have never had so many comments about people enjoying themselves!  And the “youngsters” had fun too, they mentioned it the next day.     You have such a talented foursome, and these house parties are a great way to showcase your music."    
NOTE:   (The "youngsters" were all 20 something!)

Donna and Russ Hughes
House Concert Hosts
Carolyn Harley & the Davidsons
"We really enjoyed the time, and we've had several calls from friends with extra thank yous.   We are pleased!

All the best in the future, and we hope to see you again, wherever that may be."

FLC Seniors Board
Marilyn Jones
Carolyn Harley & The Davidsons
Thanks Carolyn, Joe and your group for a great evening!  Loved your music and I think you added something great to this fun evening. Will look forward to hearing you again sometime – maybe at another of our functions. Thanks again on behalf of FLC Seniors Board

The Hub on Ross - Red Deer
Bev Randers
Carolyn Harley & The Davidsons
"Carolyn Harley and the Davidsons are a  talented group of musicians who engage with their audience and leave them with the  feeling that they have been among family."  

Calgary Drop In Centre
Carolyn Harley & The Davidsons
You guys were amazing last week.
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!      Thanks,
Michael, Manager, Internal Relations
Carolyn Harley & The Davidsons
Jeannie, Aline & Leo
 What a great show you and your band put on in Red Deer. You have a natural way of connecting with your audience and we all enjoyed the magic.  
Thanks for a great night of entertainment!   Your No. 1 fans!! 

Christopher Barran
Harley & Harley
"You did a superb job... great singing, writing and connection with the audience, who all loved it! You ROCK!!"