Song Placements:  

Carolyn loves to write for other artists and has placed her songs with Cajun, bluegrass, country, and roots artists. 

  • CA VA BRASSER (Let's Cause A Stir) was the cajun single international release on Crystal Plamondon’s No Borders/Plus de Frontieres.  It became her signature  song in concert in English and in French.  Crystal translated the song into French.
  • MERRY GO-ROUND  (co-written with Eva Levesque) was released by  award winning  The Travelling Mabels on their country/roots album -  Song in a Dream.         (This song was picked up and used as background in a movie.
  • I'LL SOON BE GONE was released by Wild Rose Xpress on their bluegrass album Grass Tracks. 
  • SALTWATER RHAPSODY (co-written with Renay Eng-Fisher) was released as part of an international compilation of songs to accompany a children’s book.  The songs on Everybody's World encourage protection of the sea and are arranged for chamber orchestra.
  • YESTERDAY'S HERO was released by Larry Sands on his traditional country album called Heartbeats and Hoofbeats.
  • TEARS TELL THE TRUTH (co-written with Eva Levesque) a country/roots tune for The Travelling Mabels.
  • OLD MONTREAL  a nostalgic ballad for The Travelling Mabels.


I'M UNDECIDED NOW   A smooth jazz tune currently included in the repertoire of Calgary jazz singer Julie Boyle

WAITING AT THE STATION  A country/bluegrass tune currently in the repertoire of Calgary based bluegrass band THE JUNE BUGS

TOSSIN' AND TURNIN'      A rock-a-billy tune currently being worked into the repertoire of Rock-A-Billy band  BOOTS & THE HOOT from Red Deer.

IS IT RAINING WHERE YOU ARE?   A country-swing ballad being considered for a project by Dwain Sands from Innisfail, Alberta.

SWEET LORRAINE  A traditional folk tune being considered for arrangement for voice and piano.

SIX BLACK HORSES  An interpretation of the classic folk tune She'll Be coming 'Round the Mountain



  • Everybody's World  is a compilation CD and children's book project aimed at saving our oceans.  The project was scored for chamber orchestra and I performed Salt Water Rhapsody  with The Red Deer Chamber Orchestra. 
  • A Shadow Blocks My Way toured China and the USA as part of the stage show Vagabond Tales with the internationally renowned fiddle group Barrage. 
  • The Ballad of the Famous Five was used in 2000 as part of a National TV special to commemorate the unveiling of the monuments to The Famous Five on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  It was also used in Charlottetown, PEI as part of a summer historical festival.  A choral arrangement has been created.
  • The Spirit of the Famous Five and the Ballad of The Famous Five are featured on a special CD to commemorate the work of these five historical women.   The Ballad of The Famous five was used in 2000 on parliament hill in Ottawa for the nationally televised unveiling of the monument to the F5.
  • The Friendship Train was commissioned by Calgary french choir Voix des Rocheuses to celebrate Calgary and Quebec City being sister cities and is sung in English and French using a four part choral arrangement.
  • Footprints Song & Meditation is a beautiful gift CD with the inspirational story of Footprints in song complete with a short meditation built on the melody of the song.
  • One Day At A Time - The Power of Small Steps is a collection of ten songs which explore the power of change through small steps with the goal to take back our lives regardless of whatever difficult times may have impacted us in the past.




Carolyn has studied with a wonderful array of talented songwriters throughout the years!!

She has incorporated strategies from each and every one of them into her writing technique.  She is now teaching songwriting and sharing the ideas that she has learned along the way.
          Pat Pattison                                      Terry O’Brien
          John Capek                                      Bill Henderson
          Shari Ulrich                                       Ray Griff
          Steve Seskin                                    Connie Kaldor                                
          Alan Chamblin                                  Pierce Pettis
          Tony Rudner                                     Angela Kaset
          Annette Ducharme                           Cyril Rawson
          Stephen Fearing                               Wil Maring
          Mary Gauthier                                   Steve Seskin
           Rob Heath                                       Jake Mathews
          Jason Blume                                     Michael Phillip Wojewoda