Carolyn Harley - Solo

Carolyn’s voice and writing create a timeless journey into a variety of styles that are reminiscent of Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstat, Carol King and Joan Baez.

Carolyn writes songs that are clear, and powerful. She looks for the style of music that will best tell the story and then creates a song experience that contains the plot, the characters, and the emotion needed to keep an audience’s complete attention.

Her work covers a wide range of styles from country swing and classic country to light jazz and on through bluegrass and blues.  Her shows are a constant source of surprise as she moves from style to style and from humour and energy to powerful ballads.

As a solo artist Carolyn brings her her humour and a light hearted approach to the everyday frustrations of money, aging, loss of memory, love, children and the beauty of the world.  Her shows are interactive and the audience is regularly invited to sing along and join in quick discussions of matters of living and loving.

Carolyn loves working in small intimate coffee houses and on stages before large crowds.  She loves sharing her views on life and overcoming setbacks through positive action, ownership of ones own life and following dreams!



Flo Shustack, Nightingale Productions – The “Boutique” Booking Agency and Flo’s Vocal Arts Studio.  403-397-6737   
Since the summer of 2013 I have had the great good fortune of booking Carolyn Harley as a solo artist at a number of coffeehouse venues.  Already known to many as a prolific songwriter and being part of several ensembles, I began to appreciate even more Carolyn’s resonating passion for music and the depth of her goodness as a human being.  Carolyn is a sheer delight to work with and an inspiration to us all.  The package is simple yet complete.  A unique, sparkling voice and an expressive, engaging style complement her personal songs to which everyone can relate.  We are all there with Carolyn as she paints her tunes with water-colour emotions and memories and weaves silver and gold threads of wisdom, experience, wit and humour into each one.  Moments in time, whether on a street corner, in her kitchen, travels, dancing with a memory, tales of yesteryear, the famous five or times to come, are coupled with personal banter and richly honed insights about life and living.  Her gracious, friendly and generous manner touches each and every person in the room.  I have been thoroughly impressed by, and have come to appreciate more and more, Carolyn’s sincere and well-thought out preparation of her sets, the textured layering and varying of her themes, her attention to detail and yet such a wonderful ease, flow and generosity of heart as she performs.  
                                                   Carolyn Harley is, quite simply, a treasure.

AN AFTERNOON OF MUSIC AT CORNERTONE MUSIC CAFE - February 1, 2014"You did a superb job... great singing, writing and connection with the audience, who all loved it! You ROCK!!"  Christopher Barran

 Carolyn, I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful musical interlude.  Your songs brought back memories as well as made me see some things in a different light.  So you opened my eyes, so to speak.  And isn't that what we hope for when we put our souls into songs... that someone GETS it?   LOL  Dianne

Tim Williams
Award Winning Performer/Producer“The first time I heard Carolyn Harley some years ago I was struck with the strength of her songwriting, a feeling which has only grown stronger with the passing of time and the maturing of her skills.  She also has a voice which lends itself to roots material, able to handle country-tinged songs and contemporary folk styles with equal ease and conviction.”
Kit Johnson  Bass player/songwriter
Carolyn Harley first came to my attention when I was working with French-Canadian singer Crystal Plamondon. She had written the song Ca Va Brassé which ended up being Crystal's 'featured' song at Festivale de Voyageur in 2003.  It was also Crystal’s first single release off of the CD.
I have recently heard a lot more of Carolyn's material and was very pleasantly surprised by the mature, evocative lyrics and catchy melodies of her songs. I look forward to hearing a collection of these songs and am sure it will be received very well”.
Rob Smith
Rocky Mountain Recording StudioI was recently reconnected with Carolyn when I worked as engineer on her song demo project in January, 2010.
 I was very, very impressed with the quality of her songwriting.
I feel sure that some of the songs are destined to become classics”.
Ruth Henderson 
Professional Singer/songwriter 
"Carolyn Harley is a songwriter's songwriter. Straight from the heart with images and moving melodies and stories, creating pictures. There is a true sweetness to them. Her soul shines through when she sings as well.
There is a texture to her voice that moves the listener and other musicians well when she sings her songs.  I am very much looking forward to hearing her recording project!”

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